Friday, March 6, 2009

Protection of peat soils - a crucial part of the solution

Check out this story about a recent EU report that describes the great significance of carbon stored in soils and concludes that the best way to guard against emissions that could swamp other mitigation efforts is to protect these soils.

The inclusion of emissions from peatland degradation and peatland restoration within the accounting framework of the new UN global climate change deal to be finalized this year would create a strong incentive for domestic action to protect soil carbon and peatlands. "Wetland management, restoration and degradation" are all being considered for inclusion as new activities that would contribute toward compliance in the new deal.

This was one of the major recommendations of a submission made last month by Climate Action Network International.

What do countries participating within the negotiations think of this idea? So far, Iceland has really been the only country pushing this idea. We will probably know more where other countries stand after their submissions are posted shortly on the UN Climate Change Secretariat's website.

If you want to learn more about climate and peatlands, I suggest you visit the website of Wetlands International. The video about peatland restoration below is from their site.

Can anyone share the original EU report behind this story with readers of this blog?

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