Monday, June 15, 2009

Media article on forests and climate from Bonn Climate Change Talks

Bloomberg published this article on the use of forests and land use to help meet national climate change mitigation commitments. Jeremy van Loon interviewed a number of delegates to the recent climate change talks in Bonn.

I think the article is helpful because it raises alarm about using false reductions in emissions from forests to undermine real action on climate change. I'd like to add some depth to the story by pointing out that this spectre is not created by land use accounting per se, but by the bad ideas dominating these talks. You can view a Climate Action Network presentation about this on the UN Climate Change Convention's website. Search for "Climate Action Network Canada" on Tuesday June 2 to find the presentation link.

For some thoughts on how the accounting for land use, land use change and forestry should be done, you can check out the CPAWS Kyoto Resources list. Most recent submissions/publications are at the bottom of the list.

Photo: This picture shows carbon emissions from both fossil fuels and deforestation!


Real Estate in Toronto said...

Everyone wants to prevent the climate change but all the decisions that are being made are the ones that oppose that idea. Creating new carbon rules and laws only to search for a loophole in them and not make a difference at all. It's quite sad but what can we do...

Take care, Elli

Chris Henschel said...

Hi Elli, thanks for your comment.

I really understand your sentiment. Well, all we can do is our best, I guess. And we are working hard to get the loopholes out of these rules! Watch this blog for reports on our progress!