Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gearing Up to Make Forests Count in Copenhagen

I arrived in Copenhagen yesterday. Although my Danish friends tell me that Denmark is no angel on the climate file, it felt like flying into a climate fairytale land - windmills everywhere as the plane descended - even in the Sea! And there are very ordinary-looking people riding very ordinary-looking bikes everywhere (biking is a mode of transportation here, not a sport or an adventure challenge); and lots of cargo bikes too (often with kids in the wagons)!

I went to an all-day strategy session of the international Climate Action Network (CAN-I) today and was impressed as always by the large number and diversity of environmentalitsts working together from all around the World to get a Fair, Ambitions and Binding (FAB) outcome here.

On the forest file, I have set up an expert analysis team to look at the proposals from developed countries on how they will account (or not) for changes in emissions from logging forests - the ultimate question of whether forests will count in this deal.

Stay tuned for the outcome of this analysis...doesn't look good!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Chris! Rooting for you back at home that they MAKE FORESTS COUNT!

-Anthony Wong

allegra said...

I love cargo bikes. Can you bring one back to Canada? Go Chris!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you go Chris!!!
The National Post is giving the summit a lot of press. And they are writing numerous articles on climate change...some not too favourable...but at least they are talking about it. I know you will do what you can Chris. Good luck!


GO CHRIS! GO CHRIS! Sending extra energy to keep up the good work from Lulea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for representing concerned Canadians and our forests Chris! TGFF - Thank god for France. Good luck with the others.