Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Brunswick Releases a Policy on Forest Biomass Harvesting

The New Brunswick released a policy on Forest Biomass Harvesting on Crown lands this past Monday.

It would allow the harvest of all above ground biomass (residual tree tops, branches, foliage, non-merchantable woody stems of trees and shrubs, pre-existing dead woody material and flail chipping residue) within harvest blocks approved in a forest management plan. Leaving foliage on the site is identified as a best management practice.

The only restriction on harvesting above ground biomass is that it can only occur on sites where "minimal site nutrient loss resulting from the harvest of forest biomass," is expected.

There are no restrictions on biomass harvest based on the impacts on habitat and the policy acknowledges that, "forest stands harvested for bioenergy purposes may not provide the full suite of ecological values identified in the document, "The New Brunswick Public Forest - Our Shared Future."

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