Monday, November 24, 2008

Warming up for Poznan

My Australian friends (who have been fearing the climate at the upcoming climate change meeting in Poland) might read the title of this blog post as a hopeful indication that I am about to offer them tips on how to survive a couple of weeks on the cusp of a northern winter...

...truth be told I am very pleased to be spending the first two weeks of December in a Decembery place.

But I am warming up for Poland by putting the finishing touches on policy proposals and trying to coordinate with an increasing number of people on an increasing number of things that seem increasingly urgent as the deadline of my flight comes this Friday.

We are not sure what to expect from negotiations on land use, land use change and forestry, but it appears that, as in many other areas, Parties will be focused on taking stock and making a work plan to resolve outstanding issues in the new year. It seems that Poznan may be the last place to put new, big ideas on the table.


Josh Greenberg said...

Will Chris Henschel be blogging from Poznan? Or do we rely on filtered media coverage or await your return to know what really went down?

Chris Henschel said...

But of course, I will blog!