Monday, November 29, 2010

Logistics at Cancun Climate Talks Reflect Commitment to Reduce Emissions

The Cancun climate talks kicked off today. One of the venues is a brand-new convention centre. The other is an upscale golf course and spa. Both have bone-chilling AC (and wide open doors). The many thousands of participants are all bused an hour or more from their hotels in the morning and back again in the evening. The emissions boggle the mind.

The logistics show the same lack of regard for emissions as is evidenced in forestry negotiations and the broader negotiations toward a new global climate deal.

At the end of day one, I'm looking for some inspiration and signs of hope!


David Anderson said...

Places like Cancun seem to me to be created to be shrines of waste and extravagance. I don't think anyone with even a tiny bit of concern for environmental destruction who goes to these resort places could be anything but ashamed. The overconsumption of resources in the developed world goes on and on, even as we learn more about how bad it is for the planet and for people living in places like Cancun who continue to be marginalized. I was in Ecuador in September. Seeing what I saw there, how their society has suffered at the hands of oil companies and the forest industry was truly sad. These climate change talks should go somewhere like Bolivia or the Himalaya where melting ice and decreasing water supplies are beginning to hit home, not some luxury resort that exists only to make the problems in those developing countries worse. Good luck, Chris.

David Anderson

North Jersey Air Systems said...

That is reassuring.There has to be measures taken to reduce the carbon footprints.The climatic changes and the ill healths cause by the pollution on the earth is very sad.We must step up and help the situation.