Monday, December 8, 2008

Decision on REDD looming.

Parties were locked in long negotiations today on a REDD decision to come out of the "Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technical Advice." One of the biggest issues that environmental groups are pushing for is that this mechanism be focused on accounting gross emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Last year in Bali, the waters were muddied with suggestions that the mechanism could also include forest management and 'conservation' measures and carbon enhancement. The fear is that this mechanism that was concieved to be a vehicle to reduce emissiosn from deforestation would be turned into something that allows deforestation or degradation to take place, while rewarding the creation of monoculture plantations.

We should see in the morning whether SBSTA has come to a strong conclusion on the focus and methodological approach to REDD.

What we're watching for in the middle of the week is the conclusion of the discussions here on the Kyoto Protocol. The big question is whether Parties will include strong language on the range of emission reductions for Annex 1 Parties (industrialized nations minus the U.S., which didn't ratify Kyoto). The goal is strong language committing Parties to a 25-40% reduction range by 2020.

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