Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poznan, Poznan, Wherefore art thou Poznan?

...I'm not sure that title makes any sense, but I've been working for 19 hours straight now, my eyes are bleary and my mind is not quite working right... it's a UN climate change negotiation!

What did I do today?

I woke up at 5:45 am to take the bus and tram into the conference centre to attend the daily briefing that the Canadian Climate Change Ambassador and Head of the Canadian delegation offers every day to us civil society folks.

I ran off to a meeting of the political coordination group of the Climate Action Network.

From there I rushed (a few minutes late) to a meeting of my Working Group on LULUCF.

From there off to a plenary meeting on the means for industrialized nations to reach their Kyoto targets.

Then what....? A blur that included a working lunch, a CAN daily meeting, a session of working to agree on some forest accounting rules to put forward here to countries, sent emails, read emails, had hallway conversations, had a working dinner, met with a country delegate and planned a meeting for tomorrow, went looking for someone I was supposed to meet and checked and wrote emails while waiting for my coat at the coat check... got outside, bought more time for my phone, went back inside to prepare tomorrow's meeting...

...took a crazy cab ride home at 11pm!

...then I started working some more on the options paper we want to put out tomorrow and discuss in our meetings. And it's 12:45am and I'm waiting for some comments to come in so I can finish the thing off, go to bed, and sleep for 3 hours and 45 minutes until the whole routine starts over again!!


I'll post our options paper tomorrow so you can see the fruits of our labour (it's only two pages!!)

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