Monday, August 18, 2008

Climate Change Talks Kick Off This Week in Ghana: Forests on the Agenda

I'm just back from vacation (sorry about the lull in posting) and off tomorrow to Ghana for the UN Climate Change Talks. I am flying from Montreal to Ghana via New York, and in case you're interested the trip works out to the equivalent of 5.1 tons of CO2 emissions! I had better do some good work there (in addition to buying carbon offsets).

How to account for emissions and removals of CO2 from the atmosphere from forests, forest management and deforestation will be big issues on the agenda in Ghana. Interestingly, it's all going to be done behind closed doors: a look at the overview agenda reveals that all the work is done in 'informal groups,' to which observers (like me) are not invited. This means that enviros will be working behind the scenes and meeting with country negotiators to find out what's going on and to put forward our proposals for how to get the World to reduce emissions from this sector.

The focus of the discussions for industrialized countries will be the options for rule changes developed in Bonn.

Stay tuned to this blog because I will be writing with daily updates of what is happening at the meeting, which runs from August 21 (my birthday) until August 27.

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Happy belated birthday, Chris.