Monday, August 25, 2008

Psst... psst...

The secret closed door negotiations on land use, land use change and forestry (LUULCF) continue here in Accra, though we have gained access to draft text that was proposed today in the meeting, which lays out all of the options that Parties would like to send forward to the big Conference of the Parties in Poland this December (this year's 'Bali').

Most options remain open but there's something big that negotiators are missing. Simply put, some of the rule changes being contemplated could end up meaning that Parties are not responsible for business-as-usual emissions and will only be punished or rewarded for changes to the way forests are managed now. This is a problem in places like Canada where current forest management means logging in primary forests and big losses of carbon.

The Climate Action Network put out a discussion paper today with a number of ideas of how to deal with issues that are coming up in the negotiations - it's a pretty exciting milestone and a useful contribution.

I'm off now to eat some Red Red (beans with fried plantain) with some enviro-friends of mine.

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